Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More shots from trying on "baby on board clothes"

Another picture my mom took while trying on maternity clothes with the fake baby bump under my shirt. That was an ugly shirt...

Greg isn't the best picture taker

My husband needs some lessons in taking pictures. He hates doing it more than once but he won't ever try to make it a good one the first time he does it to avoid having to do it again. So sorry if all of my belly shots are not up to par, I have to deal so you do too!

3 months along

Yesterday Greg and I went in to the doctors again for my second appointment with the doctor. They just asked if we had any questions went over my blood work then wanted to hear the baby's heart. She put the microphone thing up to my belly and we couldn't find a heart beat anywhere. I was getting a little nervous so she took us into the ultra sound room. The doctor says "well no wonder I couldn't find the heartbeat it's moving around too much!" Our little "Gummy Bear" was jumping up and down so much like it was on a trampoline. Then of course baby had to be cute and give us a little wave before she/he started bouncing up and down again. I'm just glad I can't feel that yet and hopefully it won't be that active one I do begin to feel it.

So Greg wanted to know the sex and she was looking to see if she could tell but the little bear wouldn't sit still long enough to get a good look. Greg of course could have stayed there all day now ( he had just been complaining about the length of time we were there the first time) he kept getting the doctor to tell him what everything was and wanted to stay there till she could tell us what it was. So that was a good visit and we got another picture to brag over :)

Time for Clothes!!!

SO last Saturday my mom took me shopping for some pregnant clothes. My sister came along for the fun experience too. I really don't need them yet but my jeans are too tight and I can't really get out of the house wearing sweats all the time :)
So of course we go to the maternity store where they have fake baby bumps in the changing rooms to see how the clothes would look as you get bigger. Leave it to me to strap that pillow on the wrong side of my body just for a few laughs. My mom thought it was too funny not to take a few pictures. So I look funny in the face but I was talking to my sister when my mom took the picture.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh and here is the first picture of our baby. My mom thinks it looks like a girl. I think it looks like a gummy bear. My best friend thinks it looks like a swallowed a toy :)

Yesterday I was 10 weeks so I thought that would be a good time to start taking pictures of my belly. I have a little pooch now that makes it kinda uncomfortable to wear my jeans so for now I am just hanging out in sweats all the time. ( Not Bad :)) I'm not big enough for maternity clothes but not small enough to continue wearing mine. I've gained 3 pounds now so I'm up to a whooping 115.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New to this blogging thing

Hey Everyone!
I decided to start this blog to let my family and friends know how we ( Greg, Myself and Baby on the way) are doing :)

I hope to figure out how to post pictures of my expanding mid section soon.